Privacy Policy / Cookie Policy

Use and storage of customer data

The information captured about our customers is name, address and contact details including email. This information is stored on an electronic back office system which is run by Easyliveauction.

Halfway Auctions Ltd. and Easyliveauction do not share any of our customer personal information with any third parties and simply use it to process receipts of purchasing and selling history.

Printed receipts of customer transactions are securely stored by Halfway Auctions Ltd. for 7 years during this time HMRC have the right to view any of this paper work for VAT purposes.

All customers have the right to request the removal of their data from our system. If any customers have any queries or concerns about the use and storage of their data please contact Halfway Auctions on 01274 592001.

Website Servers and Cookies

The Halfway Auctions Ltd. website uses EU servers and is backed up regularly and copies held for 30 days. PS Website Design Ltd is the host of this website and takes the security of your website very seriously and the servers are protected by industry standard security protocols

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Cookie Name Cookie Owner Cookie Description
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